Using photography, Prakash Patel simultaneously captures the ephemeral qualities of a space while revealing the ideas and details behind the design. A decade of experience as a licensed architect and over twenty years as an architectural photographer refines his perspective and drives his unique vision in which light is a material showing architectural qualities. Fueled by a passion for design and its representation, Prakash effectively delivers a comprehensive visual narrative of the design.

He received a BArch from Virginia Tech and has attended the lectures of the seminal architectural theorist Marco Frascari at Virginia Tech, and regularly attends the Frascari Symposia. His work has been shown locally and is published in architectural journals and design media worldwide. He presented his recent photographic research on the works of Carlo Scarpa at the ASAU, Carleton University (September 2018), an exhibition paired with with lecture by Federica Goffi titled Architecture in Conversion.Prakash is collaborating with Goffi on a forthcoming publication with Lund Humphery, London, on the same topic.